How to Migrate your site to wordpress?

Many people want an easy way to migrate their Migrate your site to wordpress but without bothering their users’ community. After a deep research, we are here with tips to easy migrate your site to wordpress.
Migrate your site to wordpress

With the help of proper planning and careful testing, it can be performed either using the plugin for migration or doing all the process manually. For performing such migration, there are some strategies that would be helpful.

Strategies to be planned

Make a proper backup of the current site to avoid data loss.

Install the WordPress on the current site as well as on the new host.
Make sure that the plugins and themes are compatible with your new host.
Now it’s time for updating the new plugins and themes on the new host.
Download the WordPress content folder and export all the data of old site from the database.
Make a test view of your site and check all the plugins and pages before going live.

How to Maintain the Traffic?

It is a headache for some site owners that they mostly lose their organic traffic after moving to WordPress. Here are some simple steps that will redirect your users to a new architecture and domain. By using the WordPress plugin for redirecting traffic, you can easily get your organic traffic. You can also edit the. htacess file for redirecting the traffic, but by using the wp_redirect function you can create a custom redirecting plugin.
The second step is to regenerate the sitemap of your site and built the backlink to your site which will allow search engines to index your site in their databases. Changing the whole internal structure will put an effect on the visitors. Try to regenerate the sitemap if anything has been changed internally. In case of using an old sitemap, the Search engine will direct the visitors to dead links which will result in losing the regular traffic.

Try to put Easing Impact on Users

It will be a good step to make the current WordPress site live before the full migration is performed. It will make transparent migration for users. If you have changed the domain name, then it will be suitable for you to enable domain forwarding and leaving some kind of message on the old domain for the regular visitors about the migration of site.

How to deal with Missing Components?

Sometimes due to internal linking errors (link broken, image or data missing) the user doesn’t get the actual page or data they want to access it is caused due to improper data exported from the database. For avoiding internal link error, try to download all the data from the database and upload it manually after moving to the new site.

Configuration required After Migration

Some plugins often cause the problem after moving the site and need to be reconfigured for giving a proper look to others. Before going live check all the plugins, pages, component of the new site to ensure that all the links are properly working or not.
These were the basic steps and tips that are necessary for the users that don’t have enough knowledge about migrating the site. Following these steps respectively, will prevent your sites from maximum error and provide you the error free site on the new host.

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How to become a Locksmith

Locksmiths work with safes and locks and provide many different services associated with these .A locksmiths may help a customer to choose locks or safes for their home or business, install these locks, repair malfunctioning ones and assist customers when they are locked out of their homes, business or even vehicles.
A locksmith will always attempt to open a lock with out any damage and often this can be like solving a puzzle.

Skills required

So you want to become a locksmith? Firstly look at the list below and see if your personality and background would make you a suitable candidate.
• Mechanical Mind
• Ethical
• Perseverance
• Enjoy puzzles
• Ability to think creatively
• Enjoy working at night
• Curious
• Patient
If you fit into these categories a good start would be to approach your local locksmith and spend a few days getting an idea if this job is for you.


Training involves both practical hands on experience as well as training at various registered colleges through out America. An apprenticeship should be organized with a Locksmith and then register for a Locksmith course with is approved by Associated Locksmiths of America (ALOA). A list of registered colleges can be found on their website.
Students will be trained in:
• Key Identification
• Installing Locks
• Picking Locks
• Residential and Commercial locks
• Vehicle locks
• Safe and Vaults locks
• Business security systems
• High Security Locks
Many on line courses supply tools and locks so that trainees can practice at home.
It usually takes two years for a locksmith to become qualified.
In Addition Locksmiths can also qualify further by taking specialized courses offered by the Associated Locksmiths of America. After receiving certification from them there is opportunity to become a certified Professional or Master Locksmith.
In addition to basic Locksmith skills the ALOA requires that these candidates pass an examination in 2 of 26 special elected subjects. A Professional Locksmith must pass examination in 12 elective categories. Master Locksmiths must pass at least 90 % of the elective subjects offered.
Some of the elective subjects include Basic Electricity, Installation of Safes, Alarm systems, and Keyless Mechanical Locks.

Trade Licenses

Many states do require that a Locksmith is licensed. This is primarily because of the sensitive and ethical nature of the trade.Voluntary certification assists in obtaining the license.
Some States request that a criminal background check is obtained. This would also apply to a certified apprentice.

Career Prospects for Locksmiths

The bureau of Labor Statistics in America has advised that employment of locksmiths will grow by approx 7% between now and 2020.
Certified Locksmith will obviously have better prospects. There is the possibility after apprenticeship to become your own boss and start up a business
Certainly this is a worthwhile occupation to consider.Locksmiths will always be in demand for both a simple key replacement to dealing with the sophisticated electronic locking systems often used in business today.
Remember Albert Einstein was quoted as saying “If only I had known I would have been a Locksmith “!

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Everything That You Need To Become A Locksmith In Houston Texas

Locksmithingіѕdеѕсrіbеdаѕthе art оf creating аnd beating locks. Locksmith services include changing locks, rekeying door knobs repairing damaged locks аndеvеn cracking safes open (legally оf course). Bеіng а locksmith іnHouston Texas requires а lot оf skill аnd training bесаuѕеіtіѕ crucial tо understand vаrіоuѕ complex mechanisms оf modern day locking systems. A locksmith nееdѕ а lot оf creativity tо design security systems. Locksmithing sounds pretty easy but tоdоthіѕ job requires а person wіth а lot оf patience аnd а great deal оf interpersonal skills. Bесоmіngаn apprentice wіth а local locksmith іnHouston Texas іѕ а great wауtо decide whеthеrthіѕіѕthеrіght career path fоr you. Gеtаllthеnесеѕѕаrу information оnhоwtо enroll fоr specific courses аndоnthе steps tоbесоmіngаn accredited locksmith. Classes’ соuldbеdоnеаt а local college оfоrbу enrolling іnаn online course. Whаtеvеr mode оf study уоuchoosebеѕurеtо check thаtіtіѕ accredited bуthеAѕѕосіаtеd Locksmiths оf America. Thіѕіѕthеbеѕtwауоfgеttіng accredited. Bесоmіng а locksmith іnHouston Texasіѕnоtthаt difficult аѕthеrеаrеvаrіоuѕ vocational schools thаt offer certificates іnthіѕ field. Depending оnhоw fast уоuаrеthесоurѕесаnbе completed іntwо semesters. A certificate іnlocksmithing comprises оffоurtоfіvе courses аnd high school students lооkіngtо pursue thіѕаѕ а career ѕhоuldtаkе courses іn math, physics, electronics аnd mechanical drawing. Thе U.S average salary fоr а locksmith іѕ approximately $44,000 реr year. Tоbесоmе а locksmith оnlу requires а vеrу small investment whісh means іtѕ practical fоrthоѕеwіthlіttlе access tо capital but ѕtіllwіѕhtоbе self-employed. Bеіng а locksmith іѕаn excellent career opportunity fоrаn individual wishing tо work flexible hour’s оrlооkіngfоr part time work tо substitute thеіr normal source оf income. Thеrеаrеѕеvеrаldіffеrеnt areas оf specialty іnlocksmithing including automotive locksmithingаnd Maintenance Locksmithing. Modern day locksmiths don’t оnlу deal wіth lock аnd keys but thеуаlѕоdо security evaluations оn properties, analyze аnу weaknesses thеn install measures tо combat аnу potential problems. ThеAѕѕосіаtеd locksmiths оf America gіvеѕоutdіffеrеnt accreditations fоr locksmiths including Certified Registered Locksmith (CRL), Registered Locksmith (RL), Certified Master Locksmith (CML), Certified Professional locksmith аnd Certified Automotive Locksmith (CAL). Thеѕе accreditations ensure уоuhаvеthеnесеѕѕаrу skill аnd knowledge tоwork аѕ а locksmith іn Texas. It аlѕоgіvеѕ potential clients оr employers’ confidence іnуоur abilities. Anу locksmith lооkіngfоrwаrdtоdо government оr contract work muѕtbесоmе insured оr bonded. Bonding companies’ dо background checks оnаll applicants’ аnd require уоutо pay а fee thаt sort оf works lіkе insurance. Bеіng а bonded locksmith ensures thе employer thаtуоuаrеnоt а fraud аnd reimbursement іn case оf shoddy work. Sоmе terminology uѕеdbу lock professionals include blade оf key, bow оf key, combination locks, tumblers аnd skeleton keys. Thеѕеаrе terms thаtуоuѕhоuldlооkuріn advance bеfоrеthе professionals gеttіngtоуоur home јuѕtѕоthаtуоuhаvе а clue аbоutwhаtthеуаrеtrуіngtоtеll you.  

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Understanding the importance of WordPress for web development

WordPress is a popular and leading blogging and online web content management platform. It is currently ranked as world’s number open source management website. The importance of WordPress for web development is undeniable in today’s day and time of technological advancement. The Toronto WordPress Developers conducted a seminar recently highlighting the imperative role this open source web forum plays for online content management or CMS. In this article, we are dedicated to highlighting the important role WordPress plays for web development in the modern world.

importance of WordPress

WordPress offers immense technical support

In today’s day and time, there is hardly any business that can operate without being associated or affiliated with the internet. More than 30 percent of all web platforms are being powered by WordPress. It is one of the most leading and powerful internet platforms that is used by renowned and popular blogging and online web content forums that are based on the internet.

WordPress is a very crucial element for all online businesses. It offers immense technical support as well as assistance to all these businesses and helps them to conduct in a seamless manner. WordPress has not been around for a long time; with only being setup some 10 years ago. However, in this very little time, this web-based platform has become a major support for websites and mega open source site.

It facilitates content management system

The main purpose of WordPress is to cater to the unlimited online needs of business development and content management systems that are web-based. Hence, WordPress does its assigned job well by creating wonderful and extensive content management facilities for web users. Moreover, WordPress plays a crucial role in making the user interface of websites and online platforms interactive, engaging and friendly. This online web source offers the opportunity for web users to design their websites in a customized manner in accordance with their personal preferences.

WordPress – Ideal choice for effective web development

The one thing that makes WordPress such a flexible and popular choice for web development is the fact that it can cater well to varying businesses. There are no specifications of the business having to be a certain scale or level. Moreover, it gives an ideal chance for novice and beginners to easily edit content; customize and modify all of their web content.

Make sure to hire the best WordPress services!

With WordPress becoming so popular in such a limited amount of time, you will find endless companies offering promising WordPress services. However, it is best not to be fooled by lower prices because you wouldn’t want to compromise on the quality of work after all! Hence, it is best to hire superlative WordPress services only from places or people that have a reputation for delivering quality. For instance, all Toronto website designers enjoy a good reputation of being capable in what they do. Make sure you hire people who specialize in the services they offer. This is the only way you will get customized, high-quality and cost-efficient services for web development

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Customs and Traditions of Good Friday

Numerous Christians around the globe watch Good Friday on the Friday before Easter Sunday. It remembers Jesus Christ’s Passion, execution, and demise, which is told in the Christian book of scriptures. It is the day after Maundy Thursday. Great Friday or Good Friday is a Christian religious occasion remembering the torturous killing of Jesus Christ and his demise at Calvary. The occasion is seen amid Holy Week as a component of the Paschal Triduum on Friday going before Easter Sunday and may concur with the Jewish recognition of Passover.

Great Friday customs are particular from those of all other Church observances and add to the holiday is impressive hugeness. The whole service is serious, with clerics and elders dressing in dark vestments. The platform and the sacred place are left uncovered, without any candles lighting them up. The fundamental point behind this grave festival is to make individuals mindful of the sorrow over the give up of God’s just conceived Son. The Roman Catholic Church watches Good Friday with a few long-standing conventions, one of which is fasting, with just a single dinner taken in the entire day. All through the world, Christian nations have picked distinctive approaches to watch Good Friday.

Good Friday


In every one of them, there is a three-hour benefit in the congregation, wherein sections from the Gospel are perused about the Seven Last Words of Jesus. Each perusing is trailed by a message from the cleric, a couple of minutes of quiet contemplation and a song. As Jesus was on the Cross amongst twelve and 3:00 pm, when he at long last left the world, the three hours are viewed as the most consecrated of all. A commitment called Three Hours Agony is held as of now and is trailed by contemplation and perusing the Gospel stories of the Passion.

While the Roman Catholic Church watches Good Friday with a few long-standing conventions, the most serious recognition of the occasion is found in the Philippines. Here, Christians hold parades in the avenues and establish plays that reproduce the occasions of Jesus Christ are last day. Dedicated Christians permit themselves to be whipped and beaten, and a couple even gets them nailed to a cross, to show their reliability towards God.

The cross is to be exhibited to each of the dependable separately for their reverence since the individual love of the cross is a most critical element in this festival; just when required by the extensive quantities of steadfast present ought to the custom of love be made at the same time by all present. Just a single cross ought to be utilized for the reference, as this adds to the full imagery of the right. The time will be picked which appears to be most proper for peaceful reasons so as to permit the general population to gather all the more effectively, for instance not long after early afternoon, or in the late night, however not later than nine o’clock. A fitting spot, for instance, the house of prayer of rest utilized for reservation of the Eucharist on Maundy Thursday can be set up inside the congregation, and there the Lord’s cross is put so that the reliable may adore and kiss it, and invest some energy in reflection.

In a few nations, including the U.K., once in a while a solitary individual or gathering of Chapel individuals convey a huge wooden cross, around the lanes close to the congregation, before the Good Friday benefit. They might be additionally trailed by whatever is left of the general population going to chapel. Some of the time they will stop and have a perusing from the Bible or sing a tune before heading off to the administration.

In some Central and South American nations, there will be a parade of statues to the congregation before the administration. These are regularly statues of Jesus, Mary, and different holy people. In Greece, individuals go to the congregation in a parade as though they were heading off to a burial service. Some Orthodox and Catholic houses of worship have models of tombs as the middle bit of the support of help individual’s recall Jesus passed on.

Read about good Friday messages to my love










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Eu data protection directive

Can you imagine this?

Before telling you about the EU data protection directive, let’s have a look back why we need this protection?

Have you thought that if your significant data gets in the hands of someone wrong person, then what will happen? You will get a punishment from the authorities. You have to think on this. Manu criminals are using this technique for destroying the peace of the world. For this purpose, you have to protect your data from the illegal usage.

The information you enter your name, address, credit card and also about your number on the different website should be in the safe hands.

Eu data protection directive

The stronger protection for more sensitive data:

These are the types of the data for which there are more secure methods of the protection. Have a look at them. The other data protection laws are:

  • Political opinions
  • Religious beliefs
  • Health
  • Sexual health
  • Ethical background
  • Criminal records

Seven principles:

There are seven principles of EU data protection regulation 2018. Have a look at them.

  • Notice: The person will get a notice if his/her data gets collected
  • Disclosure: Subjects whose data gets collected should get informed to the parties or the party collecting that detailed
  • Consent: Not be shareable to the third parties without the permission of the owner of that information.
  • Purpose: The data gathered will get used for the purpose and will not be used other than the mentioned purpose.
  • Security: The data once collected will be under the usage of safe hands and will not get stolen, theft or loss.
  • Access: The data once received will be available for the accuracy. It means you whose data gets collected will get access for the accuracy of data.
  • Accountability: For the adhering of all the seven principals, one should be able to hold all the personal data accountability.

The Eu data protection directive and the need of this:

The EU data protection directive came into being in 1995. From then to now, there are many changes in it. It has become stronger from past time. Now, one can feel more safety and seems smarter in the data protection. Many of the companies now fulfill the basic need of the clients. EU data protection regulation 2018 is going to be; imposed in the month of May.

The data protection officer (DPO):

A person who is independent in using the personal information and data of the customers and is also responsible for the proper care of related data. He is the independent advocate for the data collecting and using the company and the most important person in every company.

Such officers are the dire need of every company for the EU data protection directive purposes. They also gets a high salary package because their work is also very critical. So, after reading this, one should be very careful for the data protection.

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Reserve hotels and cars in easiest and affordable way

Reserve hotels and cars in an easy way at low prices

If you are looking to reserve hotels and cars in the comfortable and affordable way, then you have to read the whole article. The most difficult thing for the tourists or the local communities is to find the best place to live when you are on tour with your friends or family, but now it has become possible. These packages are available at low costs with excellent facilities. is a famous website that gives you the services of hotels renting and car renting. They are giving you the facility of choosing any hotel from 150,000 hotels. That is such an enormous amount of hotels. This figure tells us about the trust of this website with the hotels that are reserving their rooms with the reference of this site.


Why chooses only them?

They are probably the best one from other reservation services. They are giving many offers that are also available on discount packages. Some features are

Top hotel selection:

From this website, you can reserve a top class hotel in more than 150,000 hotels. You can compare the prices and plans of each hotel on this site.

Instant confirmation:

If you ever want to reserve a hotel or a car, and you have not enough money, then you can use discount packages. They readily confirm your booking because they are working 24/7 a week.

Easy and secure:

You can quickly check-in and check-out from any hotel by using this service. They treat you like real brothers. You will love their service.

Thousands of deals:

You can reserve hotels and cars in an easy way. You will get any vehicle that you want at any time. All you have to do is to contact them, and they will pick you up from your doorstep.

Car rentals services:

They also give the service of renting cars. If you are on a tour of any country and want to enjoy the time with your friends or family, then you can take the rental car services. They provide you the luxury rental cars on natural packages. You can move in more than 150 countries because the is now in more than 150 countries. They offer many services. Some of them are

  • Take cars on rent for a group: if you are on a journey with your friends or family and you don’t have a vehicle to move on, then you must have to take this service. They offer you luxurious cars on natural Moreover, these expenses will not become a burden on you. You will be able to enjoy your traveling in a favorable mode.
  • Car for a single person: looking for a car to move in a luxury way, then you have to take a luxury car on rent. They offer a broad range of such type of cars. You can rent any luxury car on natural packages at any time by just visiting the website. The car will be at your doorstep. You just have to visit the website or contact them on their number.
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Instagram followers, become famous in few days

What is Instagram?

Before going straight forward to Instagram followers, let’s have a look at where Instagram comes and what are distinctive features in it from other social sites.

Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger launched this social site in October 2010. Instagram was a free mobile app at that time. Within four years, 300 million users were on this app. Instagram was, distributed by Google play store of android and apple app store.

Instagram is a famous social site in today’s world. It allows you to share your pictures and videos with public or within private messages to people. Within the few time from the launch date, this social site begins to get a lot of interest from users. The picture function makes this website unique from others.

Instagram followers:

Every Instagram user wants to get more followers on their profile to increase their popularity. Every person wants to be famous in this world. Getting maximum likes on your picture or your video was quite difficult in previous years. Uploading a photo and texting everyone from your profile to like the picture was, not a good idea.

Now many sites are available that will allow you to get the desired number of Instagram followers by paying from your online account. Instafamous is one of the top quality websites that will give you many packages to increase the number of members.


Mentioned package at $10:

This package will give you 1000 real followers on your profile. Yeah! It is possible now at only 10$. The website is also giving the money back guarantee to users if they don’t get 1000 followers. The delivery hours for this plan is only one day.

Notices package at $20:

If you want to get 2500 followers on your profile to increase your popularity in the social world, then you have to choose this plan. You will get 2500 followers in just two days. The money back and low price guarantee is also, given by the website.

Crowded package at $35:

Want to get 5000 real followers on your profile was tough in past time but now you can get this amount of fans at just $35. This service will be, provided to you in just 3-4 days. This price is low as compared to other fans giving sites.

Famous package at $60:

You will get 10,000 followers on your profile by selecting this box. You don’t have to provide the password of your Instagram profile to the site. They will automatically give you 10k likes on just 60$. You will be famous in days. The time of this service delivery is just seven to eight days.

Best and unique thing about the site:

All the followers are real, not from boot service or fake followers. You will get the money back guarantee if you got less number of members on your profile. They deal in every kind of patterns. The delivery days are also less as compared to other fans selling websites.

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5 Best modem router combo available in 2017

People are starting to choose broad connection over another medium of the internet because of the reliable connection, and it usually comes with its own modem. It is the end of paying the extra money, and you can rely on the internet as its speed is better than other mediums.

Best modem router combo

There are many benefits that you will get after purchasing a combo broadband, but some of them are mentioned as follow


Cost effective

The affordable and simple cable modem and router combo are expensive to buy separately, but if you purchase a combo, then you will save a lot of money. The company gives package and discounts especially on purchasing their best modem router combo. The combo modem router is also going to help you to save money on a monthly basis in payments.

Update technology

Internet service providers sometimes get outdated and firmware, but when you buy a spare modem, you can get the modem of the latest technology. The current best telecommunications standard in the market is DOCSIS 3.0, but many of the internet service providers are still selling their customers DOCSIS 2.0 modems


These separately bought new modems, you can place this router away from the modem by joining it with cable and user can also update their modems and router with third party firmware. Some of the best combo modems available in the market are

  • NET GEAR N300

Net gear N300

Netgear has already designed this router with a built-in modem which not only improves the internet speed, but it also improves everything functionally. This router is also known as C3000, and this router will let you experience the maximum speed from the internet plan


TP-link has made this router and inbuilt modem that is providing high-speed internet and a reliable connection that will give you a good speed you can trust this router as they are listed at the top of the world combo routers that are available in 2017.

Arris Subboard AC1750

Many people are unaware of this thing that Motorola is leading the modem company with the finest and fastest modem plus router. The company claims that their modem can give up 8 times the faster downloading speed and also 3 times faster uploading speed then your regular modem provider.

Zoom Telephonic AC1900

This modem is packed with all the necessary features that you will need in a combo modem. This has high range Wi-Fi and also a high rate of internet speed. This router gives the total speed of 1900Mbps, and this is fast then faster. You can see that zoom telephonic AC1900 is equipped with plenty of other features that would make your money worth spending.


ZOOM CABLE MODEM N ROUTER is at the fifth number as it provides 1700Mbps and you can adjust it in less space. You can use it for office, and it is also affordable for your home. They have internet packages with which you can save money on monthly bills.


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How to Get a High Number of Fans and Followers in Facebook

Facebook is the most popular social media or network in the world. As the report of forbs, 1.79 billion peoples are using Facebook in each month. If you have a new brand or business and you are able to gain a large number of fans in Facebook, you will get a large number of sales in each day. So, today I am going to teach you how to get a large number of Facebook fans for your business page. When you will search in Google “how to increase Facebook fans and followers”, you will get a huge different way for it. Social networking websites are playing a major role presently technology run time is seemingly interesting. Every single human and everybody uses social media sites like Yahoo, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook or Myspace etc for communication. But a lot of people still don’t know how to increase likes on Facebook or other social networks. There are a lot of website to generate fake Facebook fans for you but if you buy facebook likes from active social plan, then you are completely out of risk from buying fake facebook fans and followers.

Now let’s learn how to increase fans and followers in Facebook: –

  • Invite your friends: – At first you should start from your own network. So, after creating a business page in FB, please invite your friends and ask them to like your page. When your friends will know about your business, then they must share it in their networks and this way you will be able to build a large network.


  • Share funny and attractive contents: – Don’t share your business information always because fans may get bore with it. So, please share funny photos, contents and stories on your FB page. And when you are sharing your business information, create insert funny photos with it so that people gets interest about you.


  • Update your page: – keep sharing updates of your business or international news on your FB business page. By updating your page every time, you are making a brand or niche to get more likes. It only to notify your fans that your page is for what.


  • Join in relevant groups: – FB users like to gather in group or community. So you should join in your business related groups or community and then share your page link in groups / community.


  • Follow something extra and unique: – Please follow all, given below_


  1. Invite your friends
  2. Share and update status
  3. Post two or three time in each day
  4. Keep your fan page update
  5. Try to use clear and High Definition (HD) photos
  6. Try to share latest trending news
  7. Try to reach a huge FB users
  • Select a right time to share: – When you want to share your fan page in FB communities, please find a perfect time to share because if you want to reach to USA users and share your page in your own day time, then it may not be helpful for you because there is time difference between you and your targeted peoples.


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