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song how are people of you tube we’re here with a new video for the channel this time of happy wheels game episode number… oh my god I forgot to look at the… what episode was well I’ll say the number of the episode random I guess if I’m not mistaken’cause the ultimate I did about 5 months ago I guess it’s the episode number 27 ? happy wheels demo I hope… anyway the title will be correct, but now is that… there are so episode in fact it’s the older se rie of the channel which is being issued so far, so let’s  go let’s put the best levels of this month, the more voted well, let’s see what happen look !!

bottle flip extreme my god there’s no what to do with the bottle challenge but let’s see what is there to do so, there are the lands to say “meh” like well you’re not so good it’s good, hard, extremeand there’s one that says “you are a legend if you land this” that, that’s my name be love dle t’s see if e do it to the first… oh hh !!I don’t know if that was lucky but I did it goooooo !!!

this I’ll get yeah or yes thanks I’ll let the bottle in that small piece of land or I’m not “fer nan the best”and so start my fight, my target and my mis ion, that I won’t go of this game play until I get it, damn it I almost did it !!! I’m so stupid that I’m here like… five minutes throwing the bottle like a crazy to get it !!I almost did it !! I’m so dum bI was so nearby, I’m not sure.. I’m gonna watch it in slow motion when I edited it, but it’s that…I’ll cr yo hhh !! my god !! maria tere sa de cal cuta that was… I’ll use the mode “fer nan god” That pitch was per fect it look normal ??and here is when I was losing my patience, even you’ve seen I wanted cry’cause I had played more of one hour, oh my god !!!trying do that, then you see I changed my strategy, And I started to do it a little more conscientiously bet even so it was almost im posible, even The game wanted me to believe that I would achieve it you’re making fun of me truth ? you’re making fun of me !!but when I get it… who will make fun of who ??even I land it in the part of back, after being two hours doing it, this was not difficult for meeven, in the part where says “meh” I could land it with facility this is….. simply un belie va bleI do not want it to fall like this, I want to it fall vertic also difficult is ask that ??? go kube fore you loved me go ku what happen to you now eh ???is it ’cause I don’t pray you all the nights ??I was so time trying it, that my hand is broken…

damn it !!!After two and a half hours the “genius” woke up very good, I’m already wake up, what happened ??that’s no now let’s see what happened !!I told you, it’d be an episode of “happy wheels” but i guess that… today I’ll upload this part edited some thing I’ll thin k I hope you liked the video if that was the case you give me a “like” that it’s completely free I dont know why I feel so much emotion of do thi  salready in the real life it’s hard… let the bottle drop and all people get crazy whit this now do it in a simple video game… but it’s that it’s happy wheels.. do You know how hard are the mechanics of “happy wheels” ??if you played it you know it and if you played this levels of throw swords, in this case bottles you know the  dificult that is also look, look where I let it, oh my god I think now than never, I can say “I’m the best” no matter no matter I can die in peaceI hope you liked the video if that was the case you give me a “like “and we’ll be seeing in the next byee


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War craft series the WOW gold the best game a gamer can play

Evaluation of World of Warcraft

The first released was made in the mid-90s and was a single player game in the beginning. But the gaming world changed with the time. People were ok with a single player game in the 90s, but now they want something next level. After that demand, they released multiplayer wow and now you can play it with your friends over the internet. There are a lot of difficult challenges for the gamers in the game that make this game very difficult and attractive. Easy games are not liked these days, gamers want something crazy and something that give them Goss bumps. And the game that gives you Goss bumps that cannot be left for too long. You need WOW GOLD to play the game and you can purchase it from igxe.


 Expansions of WOW

The world of Warcraft has four basic expansions including the wrath of the lich king, Mist of Pandaria. These two are most favorite expansions of many players. There are more two expansions those were the burning crusade and the cataclysm. The gamers assume the roles of the heroes in the Warcraft as the plunder explore and quest across a vast world. This game is going strong after the expansion in the pipeline. This expansion was named as legion. The game is getting better and better, and you cannot stay away from it. To purchase power-ups and tools you need to buy WOW Gold and if you would buy igxe wow gold, then you will save money because IGXE offers gold at less price than others.

Future of the game

The expansions made it clear that the game developers are not going to stop make it better. You have to admit that new expansion in the game made it more interesting and attractive. It has offered the gamers new adventures and new challenges for many years, and it will get expansion if you keep playing it. To make your adventure more thrilling, you need to buy wow gold from a trusted seller like IGXE wow gold is best and cheap for you.

The last expansion (Legion)

With the last expansion on 30th August 2016, there are a lot of players that joined this online game, and it is increasing day by day. The new released was liked by most of the gamers as the new players came in the games, your allies will get stronger, and you need Gold wow to make

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