HTML and its own Relevance

HTML or Hyper-text Mark-up Language is the internationally recognized programming language that powers the internet. To some extent, the designing of a web page was restricted before the addition of HTML. And as there were no HTML editors, web developers had to learn a programming language as a mandate which madeit to be even more dull.

From the beginning, there is no need to type in HTML code together with the addition of HTML code. Since that time, many HTML editors have emerged, as well as the most used ones now are Dreamweaver and Front Page.

They are quite efficient when discussing HTML Programming although these editors have their positives and negatives. Like every language, when you master it, you can start to begin by your own, be it simple websites or complex web applications.

Browser Support
Most of the browsers support HTML in comparison to another internet programming language. Provided that the programmer ensures to optimize the web site it might arrive on just about all of the sites all over the world. Additionally, optimizing an HTML based web site for browser compatibility as it might appear, isn’t as complicated.

HTML Information:

An important advantageous asset of HTML is that it’s free this might allow you to save significantly on your own site development price and which means no software or plugins are expected.

Development Software
There are a lot of development applications which are compatible with HTML than another programming language. Be it Dreamweaver, FrontPage or every other programming tool locating a development application would not be a major undertaking.

Search engine friendly
Of all internet programming languages, HTML is the most search engine friendly. It’s much more easy to create Search Engine Optimization compliant sites using HTML than every other programming language. HTML provides maximum flexibility with minimal problems when creating a Search Engine Optimization Compliant web site.

On a more comprehensive view, an HTML web site can look as appealing as a web site utilizing the technologies that are more sophisticated and getting yourself a made HTML web site could possibly be a much better choice for the organization.

This being said if your web site really needs a better functionality you then should study for the proper software, even HTML is just like a basis that is solid or say a base for web site development.

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How to Migrate your site to wordpress?

Many people want an easy way to migrate their Migrate your site to wordpress but without bothering their users’ community. After a deep research, we are here with tips to easy migrate your site to wordpress.
Migrate your site to wordpress

With the help of proper planning and careful testing, it can be performed either using the plugin for migration or doing all the process manually. For performing such migration, there are some strategies that would be helpful.

Strategies to be planned

Make a proper backup of the current site to avoid data loss.

Install the WordPress on the current site as well as on the new host.
Make sure that the plugins and themes are compatible with your new host.
Now it’s time for updating the new plugins and themes on the new host.
Download the WordPress content folder and export all the data of old site from the database.
Make a test view of your site and check all the plugins and pages before going live.

How to Maintain the Traffic?

It is a headache for some site owners that they mostly lose their organic traffic after moving to WordPress. Here are some simple steps that will redirect your users to a new architecture and domain. By using the WordPress plugin for redirecting traffic, you can easily get your organic traffic. You can also edit the. htacess file for redirecting the traffic, but by using the wp_redirect function you can create a custom redirecting plugin.
The second step is to regenerate the sitemap of your site and built the backlink to your site which will allow search engines to index your site in their databases. Changing the whole internal structure will put an effect on the visitors. Try to regenerate the sitemap if anything has been changed internally. In case of using an old sitemap, the Search engine will direct the visitors to dead links which will result in losing the regular traffic.

Try to put Easing Impact on Users

It will be a good step to make the current WordPress site live before the full migration is performed. It will make transparent migration for users. If you have changed the domain name, then it will be suitable for you to enable domain forwarding and leaving some kind of message on the old domain for the regular visitors about the migration of site.

How to deal with Missing Components?

Sometimes due to internal linking errors (link broken, image or data missing) the user doesn’t get the actual page or data they want to access it is caused due to improper data exported from the database. For avoiding internal link error, try to download all the data from the database and upload it manually after moving to the new site.

Configuration required After Migration

Some plugins often cause the problem after moving the site and need to be reconfigured for giving a proper look to others. Before going live check all the plugins, pages, component of the new site to ensure that all the links are properly working or not.
These were the basic steps and tips that are necessary for the users that don’t have enough knowledge about migrating the site. Following these steps respectively, will prevent your sites from maximum error and provide you the error free site on the new host.

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Lil Dicky Net Worth

A famous American rapper and comedian Lil Dicky Net worth is around $4 million, he was born in Cheltenham, Township on 15th of March, 1988, and grew up in the middle-class Jewish family in the Elkins Park. He got educated from Cheltenham High School, and he graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Richmond. He got famous because of his viral video on YouTube Ex-boyfriend, and had more than a one million views in one day on YouTube, he started as rap-comedian but getting interested in rapping. He worked at the account management in the advertising agency called Goodbye, Silverstein & Partners, at San Francisco, California, when he uploaded hi rap video on YouTube, the company moves him to the creative department.
About Dicky
Birth Name David Andrew Burd
Birth date March 5, 1988
Born place Cheltenham Township, Pennsylvania United States
Popularity Rapper, Comedian
Height 5 feet 11 inches / 1.80 m
Weight 168 lbs. / 76 Kg
Ethnicity White
Label School Boy Records
Children 4
Relationship status Single

Career of Dicky
Dicky is one of the greatest amazing rapper and funnymen all over the social media and music production. Dicky is the great celebrity in the world of music. Also, his song has earned a lot of credit, and now rap becomes his main source of annual income. Dicky released a series called Dump Days, and his release of 32 songs and 15 of videos, he also launched the Kickstarter, and in 2013 Crowdfunding Month-log period began. His goal of raising is $70,000, but the Kickstarter exceeded the raising $113,000. In 2014 he held his first live concert at TLA. On 13th of June, 2016 XXL Magazine released the freshman line-up, which includes, Lil Dicky, 21 savages, Kodak Black and more.

Lil Dicky Net Worth
Years Net Worth
2012 $1 million
2013 $1.5 million
2014 $2 million
2015 $2.7 million
2016 $3 million
2017 $4 million
Personal Life of Lil Dicky
He keeps his most of personal life not to interfere with their fans and world, as well as, he came up with social media and he use social media as the major source of income, he use Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, he also has friendship with many of famous rapper, singer like, Justin Bieber, snoop dog, and Fetty wap. Before he started his career of comedy rap music, he was the manager in San Francisco, he also writes movies and shows, his music is the major source of his income, and his song can earn a lot of annual income. He also made many tours with his career, like, in 2014, he was on the Professional Rapper tour, and in 2016 he was on his own Dick or treat tour. He has released his two studios albums, and one Mixtape, and has released five single and two singles with the featured artist. He was inspired by Donald Glover, whereas he wanted to introduce the new style of rap to the world like comedy and emotionally comic.

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How to become a Locksmith

Locksmiths work with safes and locks and provide many different services associated with these .A locksmiths may help a customer to choose locks or safes for their home or business, install these locks, repair malfunctioning ones and assist customers when they are locked out of their homes, business or even vehicles.
A locksmith will always attempt to open a lock with out any damage and often this can be like solving a puzzle.

Skills required

So you want to become a locksmith? Firstly look at the list below and see if your personality and background would make you a suitable candidate.
• Mechanical Mind
• Ethical
• Perseverance
• Enjoy puzzles
• Ability to think creatively
• Enjoy working at night
• Curious
• Patient
If you fit into these categories a good start would be to approach your local locksmith and spend a few days getting an idea if this job is for you.


Training involves both practical hands on experience as well as training at various registered colleges through out America. An apprenticeship should be organized with a Locksmith and then register for a Locksmith course with is approved by Associated Locksmiths of America (ALOA). A list of registered colleges can be found on their website.
Students will be trained in:
• Key Identification
• Installing Locks
• Picking Locks
• Residential and Commercial locks
• Vehicle locks
• Safe and Vaults locks
• Business security systems
• High Security Locks
Many on line courses supply tools and locks so that trainees can practice at home.
It usually takes two years for a locksmith to become qualified.
In Addition Locksmiths can also qualify further by taking specialized courses offered by the Associated Locksmiths of America. After receiving certification from them there is opportunity to become a certified Professional or Master Locksmith.
In addition to basic Locksmith skills the ALOA requires that these candidates pass an examination in 2 of 26 special elected subjects. A Professional Locksmith must pass examination in 12 elective categories. Master Locksmiths must pass at least 90 % of the elective subjects offered.
Some of the elective subjects include Basic Electricity, Installation of Safes, Alarm systems, and Keyless Mechanical Locks.

Trade Licenses

Many states do require that a Locksmith is licensed. This is primarily because of the sensitive and ethical nature of the trade.Voluntary certification assists in obtaining the license.
Some States request that a criminal background check is obtained. This would also apply to a certified apprentice.

Career Prospects for Locksmiths

The bureau of Labor Statistics in America has advised that employment of locksmiths will grow by approx 7% between now and 2020.
Certified Locksmith will obviously have better prospects. There is the possibility after apprenticeship to become your own boss and start up a business
Certainly this is a worthwhile occupation to consider.Locksmiths will always be in demand for both a simple key replacement to dealing with the sophisticated electronic locking systems often used in business today.
Remember Albert Einstein was quoted as saying “If only I had known I would have been a Locksmith “!

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Everything That You Need To Become A Locksmith In Houston Texas

Locksmithingіѕdеѕсrіbеdаѕthе art оf creating аnd beating locks. Locksmith services include changing locks, rekeying door knobs repairing damaged locks аndеvеn cracking safes open (legally оf course). Bеіng а locksmith іnHouston Texas requires а lot оf skill аnd training bесаuѕеіtіѕ crucial tо understand vаrіоuѕ complex mechanisms оf modern day locking systems. A locksmith nееdѕ а lot оf creativity tо design security systems. Locksmithing sounds pretty easy but tоdоthіѕ job requires а person wіth а lot оf patience аnd а great deal оf interpersonal skills. Bесоmіngаn apprentice wіth а local locksmith іnHouston Texas іѕ а great wауtо decide whеthеrthіѕіѕthеrіght career path fоr you. Gеtаllthеnесеѕѕаrу information оnhоwtо enroll fоr specific courses аndоnthе steps tоbесоmіngаn accredited locksmith. Classes’ соuldbеdоnеаt а local college оfоrbу enrolling іnаn online course. Whаtеvеr mode оf study уоuchoosebеѕurеtо check thаtіtіѕ accredited bуthеAѕѕосіаtеd Locksmiths оf America. Thіѕіѕthеbеѕtwауоfgеttіng accredited. Bесоmіng а locksmith іnHouston Texasіѕnоtthаt difficult аѕthеrеаrеvаrіоuѕ vocational schools thаt offer certificates іnthіѕ field. Depending оnhоw fast уоuаrеthесоurѕесаnbе completed іntwо semesters. A certificate іnlocksmithing comprises оffоurtоfіvе courses аnd high school students lооkіngtо pursue thіѕаѕ а career ѕhоuldtаkе courses іn math, physics, electronics аnd mechanical drawing. Thе U.S average salary fоr а locksmith іѕ approximately $44,000 реr year. Tоbесоmе а locksmith оnlу requires а vеrу small investment whісh means іtѕ practical fоrthоѕеwіthlіttlе access tо capital but ѕtіllwіѕhtоbе self-employed. Bеіng а locksmith іѕаn excellent career opportunity fоrаn individual wishing tо work flexible hour’s оrlооkіngfоr part time work tо substitute thеіr normal source оf income. Thеrеаrеѕеvеrаldіffеrеnt areas оf specialty іnlocksmithing including automotive locksmithingаnd Maintenance Locksmithing. Modern day locksmiths don’t оnlу deal wіth lock аnd keys but thеуаlѕоdо security evaluations оn properties, analyze аnу weaknesses thеn install measures tо combat аnу potential problems. ThеAѕѕосіаtеd locksmiths оf America gіvеѕоutdіffеrеnt accreditations fоr locksmiths including Certified Registered Locksmith (CRL), Registered Locksmith (RL), Certified Master Locksmith (CML), Certified Professional locksmith аnd Certified Automotive Locksmith (CAL). Thеѕе accreditations ensure уоuhаvеthеnесеѕѕаrу skill аnd knowledge tоwork аѕ а locksmith іn Texas. It аlѕоgіvеѕ potential clients оr employers’ confidence іnуоur abilities. Anу locksmith lооkіngfоrwаrdtоdо government оr contract work muѕtbесоmе insured оr bonded. Bonding companies’ dо background checks оnаll applicants’ аnd require уоutо pay а fee thаt sort оf works lіkе insurance. Bеіng а bonded locksmith ensures thе employer thаtуоuаrеnоt а fraud аnd reimbursement іn case оf shoddy work. Sоmе terminology uѕеdbу lock professionals include blade оf key, bow оf key, combination locks, tumblers аnd skeleton keys. Thеѕеаrе terms thаtуоuѕhоuldlооkuріn advance bеfоrеthе professionals gеttіngtоуоur home јuѕtѕоthаtуоuhаvе а clue аbоutwhаtthеуаrеtrуіngtоtеll you.  

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What is Development Journalism?

Here is we are going to discus about the Development Journalism. So first we should know about what is Development Journalism? We will further discus in this article through the Hindi News  Kohram (is a Hindi News website).

What is Development Journalism?

Development Journalism in the media is the print and broadcast is the larger part of using mass media tools of national development. Development Journalism is the kind of Journalism that pay sustained attention to the coverage of ideas, policies, programs, activities, World News Hindi and events dealing with the improvement of the life of people. Development is a complex phenomenon to define and measure. Each society should identify its development goals and should strive to meet the needs of its people.

Development Communication:

Development communication is the systematic use of communication for national development. It is oriented towards development whether it is in rural or urban areas or in agriculture, family planning, industrial production sectors etc. Thus a journalistic concept dealing with development through communication is termed as ‘development journalism’.

The Role of Mass Media in Development Journalism:

The media can expose corruption. They can keep a check on public policy by throwing a spotlight on government action. They let people voice diverse opinions on governance and reform, and help build public consensus to bring about change. Such media help markets work better. They can facilitate trade, transmitting ideas and innovation across boundaries.

The media are also important for human, development, bringing health and education information to remote villages in countries. It is clear that to support development, media need the right environment in terms of freedoms, capacities, and checks and balances.

A development-oriented journalism would never forget the dimension of democracy. “The task of the media is to report what the system is doing. Democracy can only function when there is a free flow of information between people, the system and the media. Using the media to make the people visible, both as objects and as subjects, becomes one task.

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CBSE Board Result

Central Board of Secondary Education is also termed as CBSE and responsible for conducting the CBSE 10th Exam, CBSE 12th Board exam at different centres in India. CBSE Board examinations play an extremly important part in the life span of student. Most of the people believe that CBSE Examination is extremly difficult to pass. You ought not to be fearful of this exam. Every year the CBSE Board conduct the class 10th & 12th examination in the month of March onwards. A large number of students have appeared in the examination and the number has been increasing significantly every year.


CBSE Board Result is shortly going to announce at their official website portal for the students of class 10th and 12th. As per the official confirmation CBSE Result would discharge in the second week of May by Central Board of Secondary Education. The individuals who have participated in the class X and XII can check the outcome to know whether they have qualified or not. CBSE was the inspecting body of both the two examinations. The understudies has been extremely enthusiastic about the CBSE Board Result. Now the CBSE Board has reported that the understudies have composed exceptionally very well.


The CBSE Board stipulates the certificate of passing on the grounds of merit to market the students to the greater degree of education. The boards run unique assessments on several centers and declare the results at their official website. It always tries to give quality education for those students by enhancing the whole educational system in the state.

Students have been eagerly waiting for the outcome and some are nervous and depressed. Your nervousness is understandable, since the CBSE 10th board result will be declared. This really is definitely the most wonderful feeling on earth. So, to be able to look at their CBSE X result, CBSE XII Result  you must use their roll number. Pupils are advised to remain calm and be patient as the result page might take some chance to respond as a result of heavy traffic on the primary site.

How To Check CBSE Board Exam Result

  1. First visit
  2. Select your Class X or Class XII.
  3. Enter necessary details such as Roll No. in the space provided.
  4. Result will be flashed within few seconds.
  5. Take a printout of your result for further purpose.


By abiding the above steps, you’re able to straightforwardly get your CBSE Board result. When you’ve some queries you may post here, I’d be happy to provide you with a hand if I can. Wishing you all great fortune. Then you are able to save it as pdf.


Pupils have to keep some patience. The students are going to have the regular assessment just at the ending of their academic calendar year. They’ll have the final examination in the end of their academic year. The students who are trying to find the results can proceed to the

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Common Services Of The McAllen Locksmith

They are a variety of services that the McAllen Locksmith offer including maintenance of keys, locks, and installation of full security systems. The McAllen locksmith also renders installation of locks and keys apart from maintaining them. Some locks that are usually installed by the locksmith include standard locks, biometric locks, and complex electronic locks to name a few.

Apart from the services mentioned above, the McAllen locksmith can handle other crucial issues relating to your security. We will discuss more services that a locksmith can offer as we go further.

What Other Services Does the McAllen Locksmith Offer Besides the Above?

The following are the list of services a professional locksmith can handle besides installation and maintenance of locks and keys:

Key Cutting

A well-trained locksmith has the ability to cut keys so as to allow them to fit into any (type of) lock of your choosing including the lock for your cabinet, garage, automobile, back/front door, uPVC door, and padlock, etc.).

 Fixing and Maintenance of any Kind of Window and Door Locks

Note that one common area of locksmiths remains the standard UPVC window and door lock in any house or domestic property. Do not forget that the fact that UPVC door and window locks are a specialized area of locksmithing, doesn’t mean most McAllen Locksmiths won’t be able to supply, service, fit and repair them (this type of door and window locks).

Security Safe Services

Locksmiths will also be able to open accidentally locked safes, as well as repair, supply and install them. They can install, move and service larger vaults and more sophisticated security safes.

Auto Locksmithing

Some locksmiths who are experts in the industry offer auto locksmithing service. This usually involves getting into your vehicle when you have locked your car keys in the vehicle. They can repair your car key fobs, and even program remote as well as transponder keys which is also a specialized area of automotive locksmithing. They can simply cut new keys for your car.

Access Control

All professional locksmiths must do well in this area. They must be able to supply, specify, and install any access control systems (mainly electronic access control systems) for any form of property.

24 Hour and Emergency Service

If you accidentally locked yourself out of your car, home or office at an unsociable hour or you lost your keys, or they just need replacing, out of hours service shouldn’t be an issue for a professional locksmith. They are always available 24 hours of every day.

Do not forget that the McAllen Locksmith can work on any property whether domestic or commercial. So if you have any security requirement for your firm, it would be wise to contact your local McAllen licensed locksmith to tackle the issue.

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Your Gude to Surfing in Maldives!

The Maldives is known for its beautiful luxury holidays, hotels, snorkeling, scuba diving and surfing. It has hotels for the world’s super rich, the wealthy, hollywood and bollywood superstars and even the sports crazy adventurers. Recently the number of surfers from Russia, Poland, Australia and Europe has increased. As the number of tourists grow every year, surfers that have the additional money to spend on the hotel transfer flight, choses to spend their time mostly in the southern region of Maldives called Laamu Atoll. It has some of the best surfing spots and since it is not packed with surfers, those that do go there have a much better experience with the waves.

There are various surfing clubs in the country, but it would not harm to check what certificate the instructor or guide has. Usually certified instructors would have insurance coverage for surfers that he or she guides or trains. 2016 best maldives surfing hotel recognition was given to Nazaki Residences Beach Hotel of Laamu Atoll and their Australian Surf Instructor. Many of the larger resorts provide the excitement and fun of parasailing. This five star resort named Paradise Island has the neighborhood name Lankanfinolhu. If you prefer to see the most secluded regions of the islands and relish the amazing views from above, then go on a hotel transfer flight from Maldives international airport to Kadhdhoo (KDO), Laamu Atoll. Each island provides a beautiful house-reef which you could snorkel in everyday. They are among the only islands to offer you this sort of service and are perfect for souvenirs and collectibles too. Directly on the jetty you locate a little reef with an enormous selection of fish. The atolls of the Maldives provide exceptional a superb surfing medium for a great many skill levels.

Maldives gives you a playing ground for a great many water sports enthusiasts. Maldives offers the ideal conditions for windsurfing. With dive spots and reefs scattered around the country, Maldives is the best destination for all types of water sports. Should you be planning to go to the Maldives from the U.S., the length of your flight can fluctuate considerably, based on your layover. Enjoy your maldives holiday perfect by making the right choices.

The Key to Successful Wind Surfing in Maldives

All 3 parts are connecting whenever the swell is right and produce the wave a lot of fun. It is not hollow and it requires a massive swell to reach perfection. First off, you require wind. During this period, you might also sometimes experience quite substantial winds and stormy problems. On its huge swell days and perfect wind conditions, it can be among the best waves on earth, only recommended for intermediate or professional surfers. However it can be quite a long wave with the proper problems. Every now and then they are also able to be admired as they arrive at the surface to breathe.

No experience is necessary, just an awareness of fun and excitement! Should you not have any snorkeling experience, in addition, there are some resorts which provide basic lessons. Maldives offers amazing wind surfing opportunities and families may have an amazing time together. This is a good time to bond and have lots of fun. In case it fits properly it won’t fall off, even if you lean forward. The best method to reach them is, undoubtedly, by boat. That way you can be certain you are receiving a good deal with a reliable windsurfing company.

You definitely require strength to hold this up and I discovered that the hardest part. For the traditional standard license you require level 5 and the theory level. Here are a few of the activities which you can want to have in your trip itinerary.

By applying the newest training procedures, professional instructors teach you to really manage the catamaran in a couple of hours. In addition, there are instructors that offer their services when you have zero experience in water skiing. A lesson is quite useful. If you prefer to try out a windsurfing lesson, have a lesson at first to observe how you handle the sail and should you even like it in the very first location. There it’s possible to take private lessons, along with undergo a complete beginner’s course and get a certificate upon successful completion. For youngsters who wish to start early, we provide windsurf lessons for kids of 8 decades and above. You are able to learn the fundamentals of the type of sport in a couple of hours.

Daily yoga and physical fitness classes in addition to personalised wellness programmes are readily available. Thus the VDWS school provide a distinctive workbook for children, which are employed in the courses. We recommend children to begin windsurfing at age 6 or 7. It is possible to expect short but enjoyable rides.Madihera.

Enjoyed by enthusiasts throughout the planet, surfing is an amazingly exciting sport for the two beginners and experts. Naturally, together with other nature related sports, kite surfing comprises a specific risk. Windsurfing has ever looked fun and intimidating. It is a perfect sport for someone who seeks adventure and thrill. It is one of the most popular sports amongst tourists. Sun Water Sport places all essential equipment available. It’s an enjoyable and challenging sport for the two beginners and experts.

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Home remedies for whooping cough

Whooping cough is a dangerous disease if it is not detected early and treated promptly. Here are some home remedies for whooping cough effectively and safely.

  1. Cause of whooping cough

Pertussis or whooping cough which is a highly contagious disease caused by a bacterium called Bordetella pertussis. This bacterium attaches to the villus (similar to small, straightening hairs) that line the upper part of respiratory tract. The bacteria liberate toxins, damage the mucous membrane and cause inflammation.

  1. The features of whooping cough

Whooping cough which is a very contagious disease, only found in human and is transmitted from person to person. People who catch whooping cough often spread the disease by coughing or sneezing while they are closely in contact with the others, who then breathe bacteria causing whooping cough. Many infants catch whooping cough who are infected by siblings, parents or carers who may not even know they have the disease.

The symptoms of whooping cough usually appear within 5 to 7 days after exposure, but sometimes it does not appear for a period of 3 weeks.

  1. The common symptoms of whooping cough

The early symptoms can last from 1 to 2 weeks and usually include:

  • Runny nose
  • Mild fever (usually mild during the course of the disease)
  • Cough
  • Suspension of breathing or halt respiratory (for infants)

Because early-stage whooping cough does not seem to be much more common than the common cold, it is less commonly thought and less diagnosed until more severe symptoms appear. The infected person is most likely to spread about 2 weeks after the onset of cough. Antibiotics can reduce the infectious time of infected people.

As the disease progresses, the typical symptoms of whooping cough appear, including:

  • Coughing convulsively followed by high-pitched whistle
  • Vomiting
  • Being exhausted after every cough
  1. Home remedies for whooping cough

Method 1: Turmeric starch

Turmeric starch is an effective and natural remedy for whooping cough. It contains many nutrients which help the body enhance resistance, immunity. Besides, the amount of curcumin in turmeric which plays role as a strong anti-inflammatory and antibacterial substance is very high and safe. While kumquats are familiar to everyone, but people usually pay close attention to using as a spice. Actually, kumquat is a useful folk medicine. It contain many vitamins, calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron. The mixture of these raw materials will bring about highly effective.

You prepare 1 teaspoon of turmeric starch, ½ teaspoon of honey, 5 kumquats. Firstly, you heat water, wait for cool, and then squeeze kumquat juice. You mix relatively turmeric starch, honey, then use a spoon to stir and drink. You should drink 2 times 1 day (morning and evening).

Please note:

For patients who suffer from stomach pain, it is recommended to use turmeric starch after eating for 30 minutes.

Absolutely do not drink turmeric starch for certain pregnant women.

Do not drink turmeric starch (because the small intestine is an alkaline environment, while active element called as Curcumin in turmeric starch – decomposed rapidly in alkaline conditions, so it will not be the most effective when used).

Method 2: The mixture of bermuda grass and lemon

Raw materials: 10g bermuda grass, 5g fresh ginger, 5g citronella, 10g apple leaves, 10g strawberry root, 5g papaya flowers.

How to do: Wash all these raw materials and create medicine in the form of water balm.

Water balm is a form of water-based medicine for herbal and then condensed to a certain degree. The progress of making up this medicine must go through three stages: the first phase is cooking water with these raw materials, the second phase is making them condense; the last stage is to add sugar or honey to make the medicine. You should give 15 – 20% sugar that can be stored for long periods of time.

Put theses raw materials into the pot, and pour boiling water with the amount of water weighs 4-5 times as much as the raw materials. Boil for 6 hours, occasionally take more boiling water to the old water level, drain water, filter through the cloth, to settle for 3-4 hours, remove residue. After filtering, you put these raw materials into the pot and then mix with honey or sugar for 2 to 4 hours more. When the balm is a certain degree of adhesion, you stop to boil, because the balm now is over. You let balm cool and then into the bottle with the lid gradually. It is best to keep it in the refrigerator for long periods of storage and ensure that the mixture is not degraded.

For children under 5 years: drink only 1 teaspoon. For children over 5 years: use 2 teaspoons and drink 2 times a day with warm water. When treatment should be strictly abstinence, should avoid foods that are high in grease, hot spicy foods, fish, such as shrimp, crab, etc.

Method 3: Ginger

You take 1 teaspoon of fresh ginger juice and mix with curry powder and a little honey to make it easy to drink. You carry out 2-3 times a week. See how to thicker eyebrows by this method.

Method 4: Grapes

The researchers on herbs suggest that the use of grapes to treat whooping cough is simple and effective. You only need to mix 1 tablespoon of honey with a glass of grape juice, drink once a day and within 10 days.

Hope that you will get well soon with above home remedies for whooping cough.

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