Can I give my dog ibuprofen as pain relief?

Dogs and sickness

Pet dogs are more likely to get injured and get bacteria from outside. Their immune system is a week because they live in totally clean conditions and eat good food. When they go outside or play in trash, they get germs and bacteria. Which make them sick and ill? They also suffer from muscle pain and muscle pull. You might not notice in your busy routine that your dog is in pain. If you will know about pain then you might think to give him ibuprofen. You are not sure and still thinking can I give my dog ibuprofen as pain relief. Then answer to your question is yes.

Conditions to give ibuprofen

Ibuprofen is a drug that is used by humans for pain relief. It kills the hormones that produce pain and give you a quick relaxation from the pain. It used by a human but Can I give my dog ibuprofen as pain relief? That is you right now. Yes, you can give your dog ibuprofen for pain relief but keep it in mind that you need to take care of some things before giving your dog ibuprofen.

Sick dog

Complications with ibuprofen

If your dog has any kind of disease that can react with ibuprofen and cause further complications, then you must not give him this medicine. If your dog has a really weak immune system, then this medicine can have some side effects. It will give quick relief to your dog, but you must get a prescription from a good pet doctor before giving it to your dog. Ibuprofen comes in different amounts like 200 mg and 400 mg. The doctor knows what is better for your dog and what kind of pain he is suffering from.

Visiting a doctor

You might need to take your dog to a good pet doctor because the dog does not have tongue and it could never tell you how bad he is feeling. He can nottell you from where he got the pain and how bad it is. It will be a great kindness if you will take him to the doctor and tell him the history of pain. He will tell you better medicine and will tell you remedies you can do at home. You might not want to take your dog to the doctor but taking him to the doctor will be a good gesture. You have your friends and family, he only has you. So you should take care of him. You can also ask doctor can I give my dog ibuprofen as pain relief if the pain starts again or visit the for more details. He will tell you better about the amount of ibuprofen you can give to your dog, and he will also tell you about the complications your dog can face in the near future because of the pain.


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